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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"What Is This Blog About, Anyway?"

Over the last several months I have received many emails all asking the basic same question, so I am addressing the answer here just so it is clear, what is this blog about, is it a prepper or a survival blog, is it a primitive skills blog or a book review blog, or a self-reliance blog, the answer is yes it is. This is self-reliance, our lives are not narrow but involve many complex thoughts and life styles, life is large so it is complex. We have many interests and they include several layers. The folks who asked
is it a prepper blog or a survivalist blog, yes it is, prepper is just a way of saying survivalist, seems the media has poisoned the word survivalist and it is happening to the word prepper as well, that is
too bad, it is a fact we are all survivalists, we eat to stay alive so we survive. I could go on but you get the idea. There are a lot, perhaps thousands of survival blogs and forums, I have made an effort not to be a copycat of those other fine efforts, whose writers are much better than I am. But I have been around the block so many times and have experienced a lot of life in my almost 80 years here on this dirt clod. I am compelled to write about what I know, if I do not know it, I shut up. Much is just my ramblings.

 So you can pick and choose what you wish to read, most of the articles are not time sensitive and hopefully will stand the test of time. I really hope most of you get something from my efforts on this little blog.

 The series on the Feral Woodsman has been popular, if nothing else it is at least a nice fantasy, but it could be real, many are doing it and I get contacted by a few of these folks from time to time. I have also run into a few of them in the bush, really they are out there. 

 Trying to be relevant, is not an easy task. I am glad so many have viewed my work. In truth it is not work most of the time, as it is fun for me to do. I hope you all continue to enjoy the blog. 

 by Dude McLean