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Monday, March 6, 2017



 Many companies make lot of money selling camo... people seem to like it, it looks cool and is kind of fun to wear. Then you have the military camo and that has a more serious meaning, just how effective it is on the battle ground seems to be a matter of opinion. Any pattern only goes so far and it depends on how it is deployed. The number one thing is do not move, the human eye will catch movement. 

                                                                        Apache methods from long ago

 In my study of the Apache it comes as no surprise that they were masters of the use of camo, they were taught from a young age how to hide, and how to "rise from the grass". An elder would take a group of boys in the field, and at a word, no matter where they were they had to drop and vanish. They would pull the native grass over them or use a bush or rocks to hide behind. They would even pull a bush up by the roots to move behind, at a word they would reveal themselves. To "rise from the grass" as if coming out of the ground. As warriors, they employed this method with great success. By adding the use of a blanket, covering it with brush, dirt and grasses they vanished into the earth. It is
like seeing an artist at work, creating a hide that even within a few yards was not visible to the eye.

                                                                        What you can do 

 The use of a net hammock can be employed as a blanket by weaving grass and brush in and through the netting. Pull it over you and do not move, you have hidden in plain sight. If someone is looking for you do not stare at them. They will feel you looking at them, that is also a part of camo.  You have the best camo as it is local to the terrain where you are, the colors are all correct. If you do not have a net hammock use a blanket. 

It will take some practice to get it right, but it is a fun exercise in the bush. You can become more than one with the earth, you can be the earth. Now you are a yucca, now just a mound, a sage bush etc. you get the picture. See if you can fool your buddies. Remember shadows are your friend. So, no matter what your wearing it should not matter, when the Apache went to war they took off any clothing they had on for the most part. So, what you are wearing should not matter much if you employ what is around you in the right manner. Now go hide! 

      by Dude McLean