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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


 The short cache is a special cache that is a short way from your home. It also is short, meaning it is
short on gear for use in an unexpected emergency. Which is what any cache is for, but this one is really short on gear that you can carry in one easy load, or being able to leave some of your cache for later if needed. My own short cache is within a five minutes’ drive from my home or a half hour walk. The short cache has some extra keys for my home and trucks. It has some water and MRE type food just a few packages. I like canned sardines as they pack
well and give one energy. My Short Cache has; a few snacks for the sweet tooth, some folding money, plus a list of phone numbers that I may need in an emergency, it has a few weapons and ammo, a sleeping system, a light tarp, some warm clothes, a poncho, a few machetes, camp knives, maps, a writing tablet with pencils, a carry system that is small and light. Other caches are more extensive and further away.  The short cache is a get you to the other cache with ease. It can also have a few head lights and a cooking system if needed.

 If for some reason your home is compromised, you have the means to move on if you need to do so. Or to gain access to your home and or transportation without any fanfare on your part picking your own time of access. The items I have mentioned are just suggestions for you to add to depending on your own circumstances, you may want to add insurance copies as well and copies of important papers. The short cache is meant to provide you for only a few days, thus the small number of items. 

 A few important things to keep in mind when preparing any cache is the container has to be water proof. I like a container within a container, the means to open the containers, and the means to dig up
your container if it is under ground. When you have all the items you are going to put into the container, place them all in the same room for at least 8 hours so they all are the same temperature. This procedure will help with the problem of condensation; this includes the container as well. Each item should be in its own container even if it is just a baggy. You should mark your containers as well.

 Just a suggestion for you to think about. I know many will have some great ideas to add to the list. A short article about not being caught short. 


 Dude McLean