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Monday, September 14, 2015

Has The SHTF? You Betcha!

Are you one of the thousands who have lost money in your 401 K? Where did that money go? Not in your pocket .
The S*** hit the fan for you, along with your rights being lost or removed at a continuing pace… Does  the word inflation mean more today than last year?
Does the fact that drought his hit us world wide and major crops have failed all over the world, mean anything to you?  TSHTF for all of us its just delayed for a minute—Translation is higher prices for food.,  match that with the inflation factor and it gets more than scary.
Watch for adjustable rates from the fed, treasury and the crank up of so called hoarding laws. Watch for  Bernanke (Sp)to bail out of the fed with his golden parachute. In the beginning of 2014, he is leaving for a reason,  he cannot do anymore damage.
The push for a global money system is looming, as the U.S. dollar slips on its downhill slide. Our government seems unable or unwilling to stop.
As a “baby boomer”, have you lost your retirement? Many have and many cannot implement their plans because of raising costs.
Government fails us everyday—That’s their job—because no one oversees what the other hand is doing and not doing… Get your money out of government control.

Oh we don’t have food or soup lines or bread lines like we did in the 30’s depression, the lines would cross up and down America.What we have is 46 million people on food stamps, that’s one hell of a line… The SHTF for them.
I feel, what with the drought and inflation and the workings of the system failing, it is way more than prudent to stock some food away and it doesn’t have to be those pricey ready done packages either, not that those are not a way to go.
Most canned goods have at least a 5 year shelf life, with the exception of the more acid foods like tomatoes. My research shows that this list of goods—to follow—are some of the fastest things that vanish when people mob a market and they are key to your supplies. Yes you can start right now with a food savings plan. It is not magic and it is easy to do. Buy a few extra items every week and in no time you will amass a fall back of food you like. Here is what I have found people need and crave and just plain want: Honey, syrups, vege oil , olive oil etc… oh, somethings are not food. Charcoal lighter, vitamins, propane cylinders, clothes pins and line, tuna fish, sardines, rat poison roach killer, baby wipes corn meal, lard, any of the canned foods. Mix it up, but only buy what you like. Powdered milk is way better with a shot of vanilla extract mixed in. Yeast, bleach, teas, coffee and other powdered drinks, fruit juices, nuts, seasonings, jellos and puddings, booze, candy bars, peanut butter and jams, any of the cooking oils, special feminine  needs, bulk wheat, salt, baking soda, flour, white rice (brown rice spoils very fast), distilled white vinegar, soy sauce, canned meats, kerosene lamps and other common sense items. This list is not even close to being complete,  these items could help you from going to a Fema camp… or worse. No list can cover what your own needs are but at least it offers some guide lines .
If nothing ever happens, you will, in the long run, have saved money by buying ahead of the inflation. Always mark the date on every item and rotate your stock… eat what you buy. Every time you use an item. replace it on your next trip to the store. Some of the best buys are at Costco, because they only work on a 11 percent margin. Always look for the hidden specials. If shtf, even in a big bang all at once instead of this slow meltdown and it tumbles in a shambles, at least you are going to eat. Store at least on gallon of water per day, per person and that is being conservative.
The other items you already know to store, your wits…
Hope this helps a little for those of you who have done nothing and perhaps sparked a few ideas for those who think they are ready.

By Dude McLean On  October 5th, 2013 

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  1. AS the economy staggers along failing in front of us , I feel it is the time is to have cash on hand if possible , at least enough for you to last for a month of expenses. or failing that put away food for at the least a month. Try to have cash on hand. Hard for most and harder for more of us.