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Monday, October 5, 2015

“Whats In A Name, Dude? Poking a Little Fun”

What’s in a name? Sometimes it defines something. Like with names for people, it mostly will define you as a male or female, although that can be blurred. Or, that guy is an… fill in your fave bad name.
We are often defined by what we do for a living, although I feel that is unfair because it only tells partly what we really or are not. A carpenter does not go home and keep building because he is a carpenter by trade. I feel too many folks let the occupation define them, that is a one dimensional label and most are more complex than the one thing. Your job should not define who and what you are.
So this is my way of leading up to the point of my thoughts. I have heard it voiced in person, and many times on forums, that some are not happy with being called a “survivalist”, what with all the negative press who seldom get anything right anyway.. Add to the goofy shows about so called survivalists that are splashed all over the TV, it leads many to shy away from this label. Cant say I blame them, because it seems that all survivalists get lumped into one big nutcase bag, too bad. so this is a quest to find a new I.,D..
” Opportunist”, could be one name. Why? Well, those people buy extra items and stock ahead taking every opportunity they can to prepare themselves. Not as catchy and sounds a bit on the shady side but still applies. “Prudentists”,copyright, I just invented a word. Well, it is considered prudent to prepare ahead for what may come down the road. We hear the word prudent all the time, as in a prudent man would do such and such, mostly pertaining to being ready for something. “A prudent man buys insurance” etc. So it would apply for the new I.D.
How about the word prepper? I dont care for that word at all. It is just a lame word for survivalist. its like saying ” gosh darnit” when everyone knows you mean “god damnit”. So we’re still in search for the new I.D. How about “collectivist “. Why? because we are collecting things to put away and store and later on we can say wow look what I collected to save my sorry ass. Doesn’t it have a ring to it though?
How about “Obviousists” because you are doing the obvious by planning ahead and not being blinded by the crap we hear.. still not catchy eh?
Lets go with “: Americanist”, doing what Americans do covering our own butts and taking care of ourselves without the government helping us. Sowe are being prudent and taking the opportunity because it is obvious to collect the items we need in order to survive by preparing. Why should a label bother us? worse things could bother us… AOPCSO Americanopportunistsprudentcollectivesurvivalobvious. Now that’s a moniker you can hang with. I’m sure it will take off like wild fire, but at last we have a new label. You can give me all the credit for making your life a better one by handing out a new I.D. for free.

By Dude McLean

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