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Friday, January 15, 2016



        I feel the last thing we ever really want to do is be in a gunfight.. however it could happen , here are few things to keep in mind. In training at a range we only are focused to the front , in a real life drama the badguy might not be alone, you have a second to do a 360, Refocus make sure the scum is alone, mostly they are not alone and the other badguy is going to clock you from behind, no happy dance there. Always check each side of you and behind as fast as you can. A range is really a poor place to train other than how to hit a target. We are are focused on the front all the time, not good.
It might be wise to find a place where you can set up a drill that you can fire in 4 directions, set the targets at close range and practice a rapid fire sequence, now you are focusing on your 360, covering all the bases. 

         It took me a while to find a place in the boondocks where it was safe to fire in 4 directions but it is worth the hunt.

 Better still if you have a buddy to set up the targets behind you and to the sides so that you have no idea how close or far each will be. Over the years I have done extensive training and only one instructor ever covered the possibilities of the behind or side attacks. I find that is a problem with many instructors. Try to make it as real as you can even to the point of your partner yelling at you and calling you names. He should be in a safe location.  

 I am no expert at this but feel this is just common sense. Always when training make sure you put no one in danger, the same thinking has to be in a real life deal as well , where are those bullets going to end up if you miss which you no doubt will when under the gun so to speak., lots to think of .  Just cover your 6 is the thinking .
This is short and sweet but I feel it is very important to train for the possibilities . Lets hope you never have to be in a confrontation at all but it is best to be ready as you can. I think a prudent person is ready and trained. Focus and refocus . 

By Dude McLean

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  1. Dave exactly at the right times which is always... checkin my 6