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Sunday, July 5, 2015

How Do You Prepare?

The question is how do you prepare? Really, how do you do it? Do you have a plan, have you made a list of what you need, or what you think you will need in the case of an emergency of any kind. Weather in the extreme , rain for 3 weeks as it wreaks havoc and traps you for days, weeks on end. Leaks spring up in your home, your home is going to be flooded and all could be lost. Extreme cold, snow, so deep it breaks all records. Heat, why don't they call it a “heat storm” , when the temps hit 105 , 115 , and up , and it lasts for days. Weeks.
Seem unlikely, yes and no, these things happened in the history of the world. Over the last 400 years we have been in a relative “nice” state of weather for this whole continent. The weather has allowed this country to grow and has been a huge deciding factor in the positive growth on all fronts. What if it reverts, changes back to the past  history of what weather was over 400 years ago. From what has been found in studies, this was a very volatile and violent place for weather all across the country. Severe storms last for weeks, both rain and snow, heat, twisters, winds, earthquakes flooding, and such were all in the extreme. Some feel we are riding that horse once more. The ride has just begun.
How fast these changes  may occur is a question the future will tell us. It could be rapid, or build slowly over the next several years. Back to the question, how do you prepare?
Almost impossible. The “extremes” is what we have look forward to and make an effort to stand up to those extremes.
One extreme to think about is the unplanned problem.
You lose all of your “goods” , fire, theft, floods, you are run out and glad to get away with your life . How do you prepare? Do you really have a single cache? A series of said caches, setup for your use. No car, no truck, can you, in reality, get to that cache with your family? Oh you haven't been able to get around to it?!  Too bad. If you have and you are able to get to the location is it still safe to recover the cache? How do you prepare! Make a plan.
I know a lot of badass talk goes on about how if “you” are left with nothing, you will go out and  take it. You might be able to do that a few times. Or not even once because for every badass there are 100 more who are more badass than you are. Those who have will want to keep it as much as you want it, if you can find them. You are not the only one with plans.
All communications goes down. Everything is out. EMP is way worse than anyone ever thought. How do you prepare for contacting your loved ones, and those you are counting on as a group? Have you planned meeting places? alternative meeting places, a time line, how long do you wait. What if you cannot wait due to an unfriendly atmosphere. What do you do to prepare. Make a plan. Better be a very good one, it might be your only chance.
Having been a consultant for many groups over the years, here are a few things that are fact. First is having these “survival” conversations take place . Another fact is, the obvious is easy. Most groups are like a single mind and are very predictable, even those who feel they have covered everything. Not. Easy things are glossed over, non interesting subjects are  on the back burner. Those things could be the key to your puzzle of surviving and thriving.
The fact is most if not all groups  fall right in line with singular thinking. One direction.  Throw in a some fantasy for color. The staples are easy. What is hard are the extremes , and seeing the flaws in the plan of the group. Being able to see the weakness of not only the plan but in the timing of action. Being able to look like collective fools because you “collectively ” pulled the plug, and sent up the flare. You all react as is the plan. Except for few who hang back because they do not really see it it yet. And it turns out “collectively” you are wrong. A lot of time and effort were expended. Your jobs could be at risk, and you all look like idiots. Thats when a group will fall apart. Premature decisions have to be counted on. Willingness to take the plunge is how you prepare. Those who held back will be forced out of the group.
Group dynamics demand a few strong personalities. Leaders of such groups most of the time are not the real decision makers you want to count on for your life. Most are too combative. Part of the secret is stealth. Emptyness. A shadow is what you want.  Under stress, and the longer it goes on, it will build, unless plans have been made to cope with the situation and “jobs” are well defined. Not fantasy jobs. Condescending  attitudes destroy more groups than anything else I have seen.
How do you prepare? With extreme care covering the unknown circumstances that may arise. What? So how do we know what those are. Ah, that is the rub isn't it! By study and research eliminating the B.S. and after a while you begin to see a bit more clearly.
You have all heard the expression “think out of the box” , forget the damn box. Forget what is outside of the box. None of that counts, that is what I have found. How to prepare?
Innovative thinking and truly creative thinking, both are rare , hard to find in one person and even more so in a group. All groups tend to think they are different. In fact they very much the same, with minor differences.
The problem is a lot of yes men.  ill informed members. Getting along to get along and be a part of the group. Most do not have any or very little experience in dealing with complex planning working with a group. A defined active thinking through the problems no one has even thought of . If you a part of a group, the number one rule is: Do not be afraid to say/ask something really stupid. The why, the how, and the when, those questions will lead you to a better understanding and  cohesive planning. You have to be comfortable enough with your group so that each one of you can deal with the other laughing at you, because that will help you be one. Not one person in the group should be excluded. Never be afraid to ask anything. How do you prepare. Make a plan.
How do you prepare? Make a plan, write down. Whether you are a family, by your lonesome, or a group. Try to cover anything and everything. A plan of attack,  and by attack I mean all fronts, from food, shelter, escape, and all else that goes with it… How do you prepare! Make a plan!

By Dude McLean

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