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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Skool At Home For Your Kid

Do you or have you ever given much thought about how you would teach your kids at home, if by chance , we were in a situation where going to school was not an option? The schools are shut down for an extended period of time.
Sure for a while you could get by having them read some books you might have on hand. You might teach them some skills and from your teachings they they will own many skills. But schooling is more than that. No matter what your education is, it is not transferred to your child by some wave of a wand.
Math is a tool that will help. Reading comprehension is a must in a society that may be lacking in a formal education. Looking back in history we are led to believe that men like Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton were just primitive woodsmen. Well that is one view but they knew how to survey and read those instruments. They knew how to read and write. Not so primitive.
We can tell the kids stories about our country and our families, and any number of tales. That is all well and good. However, the learning of history with a real direction will give them a true sense of our  history. Knowing  history helps instill a sense of self and pride. Spelling for clarity is a communication skill. English writing skills with some idea of grammar is a good idea. ( I know my grammar sucks but I make up for it in other ways, ahem)
You can start out with some history books even those books that use history in a novel form to help keep it interesting. Some science would be nice, nothing over the top but even the simple science one learns in the 5th grade and middle school is really more than many adults know. Having a microscope would really be cool, knowing how to use the slides and so on is good knowledge to own.
Having some of these supplies stashed might be part of your self-reliance in a collapsed society, even if it is only for a short term, 90 days, six months, a year or more.
As part of an education I would add music, an instrument and books on how to use said instrument. Check into this as there many courses that can be had. Check into the instrument of your choice and then back it it with spare parts.
What you need to know is how to design a home school curriculum, pre-school through high school . Details on the length of the study, how to teach study habits, and how to give a meaningful test.
I feel the importance of these schooling  items should be near the top of your supply list. In order to pass on then collected knowledge after we are gone is all in the books. The classics were read over and over again by many of our forefathers. Read by the pioneers, and much knowledge is gleaned from these reads. Lots of info can be found with a google and etc. Now go out and slap some sense into that kid.

By Dude McLean

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