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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lifestyle, Survival, & Self-Reliance

Is the survival , self-reliance “bug” taking over your life? Can't wait to get on a computer and charge into all the forums you like and to catch up on what you missed during the night or day. Reading magazines, and books all dealing with some aspect of “survival” . Watching DVDs and TV shows , going to events and classes, how to this and that. Wow that is a busy sked you have set out for yourself.  On top of all that you are working a job, hopefully.   You always seem to be in a semi panic to buy more stuff that any sane normal paranoid should have? Right! Right!!
I hate lectures so this is not a lecture. A few suggestions , if you will . Back off for a weekend, pick a night you and do not turn on your computer. Read a novel not dealing with , you know what, go out and have a nice meal with your family. Go to a movie. Hey, go see a play. Visit old friends, remember that? See some relatives just because and not for some birthday or special deal. Chill.
With any “interest” one may have , and no matter how much you love it, we all tend to have a “Burnout”. Over time it slowly builds to the point that some will crash and burn then  turn away from the very thing, in this case, that could make the difference between life and death for them, their family, and friends. It is a healthy thing to back off, take a breather , step back and smell the roses, no really go out and smell a flower. It doesn't even have to be edible.
Look back on your life, what things did you have a passion for at one time? And you spent countless hours deeply involved learning, and collecting , the doing whatever it was . And then at some point it ended. Once in a while you might have gone back to take a look  but it was not in you anymore. You crashed burned out, and never really recovered. Well that is  part of life and we grow, and outlive certain things in our lives. Too bad on one hand, and okay on the other hand. We all grow and change. What is constant is, “survival” , it is always with us. Because it is us. Life.
Too guard against a burn out , and I am going to call this a survival deal a “hobby”, for want of another word, we need to step out of the “mode” and do something else for a minute. Enjoying the simple things, discovering areas this society has to offer is one of the reasons we are trying to preserve ourselves and this way of life in the U.S.A.  in the first place. It is a survival lifestyle. But survival means you grow to thrive and enjoy life. The goal is you will be ready for whatever life throws at you. By still being involved in other aspects of life besides training, collecting, learning what you need next or the whole thing is not worth it, I feel we cannot be blocking out everything else.
 Stepping back  is a refreshing and healthy thing to do. It helps to calm you down, and reminds you what you are doing and why.
If a break down happens , hopefully you will be as ready, prepared as you can be. Not every little item the experts say you need is needed, not every book , not every DVD, and so on .  No one can cover every situation that could, can, will, and  most likely happen or not. Having the basics down is the stuff of survival. All the rest is the frosting that can help make it easier.
Take a moment to reflect what you have learned over the last year, the gear you have as a part of your plan. Celebrate the fact you are this far  ahead, good for you . Now take a break. A day, and evening once a in a while. In other words do not over train like many athletes complain about.  Keeping yourself sharp is really important. By backing off a few times a week or so, just might give you a new thought about what you are doing, perhaps a different approach or a solution is now in sight.
Life is more than just getting ready for the future. Life is about living right now as well . Have fun, slow down for a minute. Why? Because this is one “hobby” you do not want to ever burnout on. No crashing and burning allowed. Now I’m going to a movie and have some really expensive popcorn.

By Dude McLean

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  1. I had to read my own article again just to follow my own advice.. back off


  2. .. ThANKYOU BFT for reading and posting on my little blog effort