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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Top of the Food Chain , really?

Man is so arrogant we dont seem to see the truth in front of our face. Man is only at the " top of the food chain" in a super market with a pocket full of cash or a wallet crammed with credit cards. We have slipped a long way from being able to make the claim 'Top of the food chain". In the wild the "top" is questionable for most who venture into the wilderness. Out of 100 humans who trek into the wild how many would know how to trap game, or even how to hunt with a rifle, a bow , name your weapon ,how many would know how to prepare the game. I will go so far as to say out of 100 humans maybe one would be able to not starve to death . In todays world without the farmers our top of the food chain  is on shaky ground. Disrupt the food train to the markets and stop the flow of cash and we sink to the bottom very fast. 

 How to safe guard against  this condition is up to you and your willingness to learn to be a hunter gatherer type to save your collective butts.
 all over these United States are primitive schools and instructors , hunting classes  and related schools of instruction. Classes  on edible plants will be a good move .  Some of the best salads I have ever had are from the wild, free for the harvesting. 

The markets are shut, closed , now what? If you have stashed some food in reserve that will last a while,not forever , no one wants to see the kids starve because you do not know how to provide. Learning the basic primitive skills will go a long way to staving off that problem lurking in the wings. WE dont want "long pig" {man} to be on the menu. My suggestion is to get crackin with some classes to ensure your survival . And to own some self reliant skills. The proper way to clean and prepare a critter is a must have skill, it isnt that hard.Far easier than you might think. Dont end up having to eat Fido.

 The next time you are being herded from aisle  to aisle in the market think about how it would be if those shelves were mostly bare.  Think about all the products that never will show up on the shelves because they cannot afford to pay for the shelf  space to place a new product . We are force fed by the big food giants who hoard the shelves because they do not want any competition , it is a buy out, sell out of the market chains How many still have basics to make food from scratch , flour , oils,  baking soda soda,  and so forth. Dont know how to cook , well with the thousands of cook books at the ready that is not a valid excuse. Many cook books lay it out in simple terms.  The worst that can happen when you cook is burning it or under cooking the food .. it might taste like crap but you will have something to eat. If you call that the top of the food chain , so be it. Choke. 

 being able to secure or  at least supplement your food by foraging  and some small game hunting , you are extending your quality of life and eating choices , as they say in England "you are streets ahead" and that is the name of the game . Wild game cooking books are all over the net. buy a few  , even the cooking road kill books have their place . 

 Reach for the top of the food chain by knowing how to do it. Reality is,  if it gets that bad the crowds will have to be avoided if you are to have a chance at any wild foods. Trapping  with snares is a valid way to go . but you have to know how to set up and where the critters have a run. 
 Learning the wild edible plants is a great boost and  will be a skill set you can use the rest of your life and something that if nothing ever disrupts our system , you can gain pleasure and a variety  of foods not found in any market . And in most cases more healthful . 

My suggestion is do not keep living in a dream state of,  we are at the top of the food chain right?. it really isnt true. 

by Dude McLean 

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  1. Ive had a few calls about this article... think about it for minute ... I may not be 100% right but more than we might think.. being a little bit off the accepted path is okay...