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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Much of the research I have done, for any kind of collapse, speaks a lot about barter. Seems to me all the advice about barter is monkey see monkey do items, IE: .22 bullets, or other common calibers like 9mm, .45APC, .223, 30-30 , .30-06 etc.(I feel I wouldn’t barter any ammo), booze , soap, needles, silver and gold coins, any unique skill sets you may have, that would apply in a Grid Down world. Sliver and gold, in smaller increments like silver dimes, quarters and half dollars is my suggestion. That way you aren’t spending a huge amount for bread or whatever, although the value of items will be determined at the time. How do you make change for a silver dollar that is worth 30 bucks for a 3 dollar item, same goes for gold? Could be useful for purchases. My research shows that all countries, once the government money is no longer viable revert to the metals. The idea of barter clubs is mentioned a lot, shoes, boots, candles, and tools that require no electricity—old time drills that you crank yourself, as an example.
One of the many problems I see is the lack of barter knowledge… just how to do it. Any barter system has to be a win win deal. So trading has to be such that you dont come out on the short end of the stick. Driving a hard bargain will depend on what is offered up and do you really need the use of the item you are receiving. As opposed to the item you are losing, barter is an art and some have it and some don’t. In this country, we are not used to haggling, and seems odd to many. For others, it just comes to them.
Seems to me, what with all the advice being pretty much the same, I would look to other practical items that are not mentioned much, like traps. Part of the barter could include a few of the critters the other guy harvests, for a certain time period.
If everyone has the same items set aside for barter, then barter becomes a non issue. More of the items include cigarettes, or any form of tobacco, candy and other pleasure foods, that folks are advising you should have on hand as a barter tool. Don’t be in hurry for a so called deal. Take your time. Don’t be fast on the close, because the other guy just might offer up more goodies you need to complete the barter.
There is always the black market items as well. Those could be drugs, certain meds impossible to find. Guns, and other weapons. Keep your mouth shut about any of those type of items. The less anyone knows the better off you will be
Also you need some sort of a security for your home, where ever that ends up being. Remember, security for your critters as well, so someone doesn’t steal your chickens or what have you. Resorting to a watch maybe one answer, trading off those duties, set by the hour, and having an alarm signal for the rest of your family or close friends.
Foods like flour, corn meal, baking soda, lard, salt, and spices, might be worth way more than one may think. These types of basics you should have an abundance of—enough that you could spare some for barter. Keep in mind it is food you may need at another date in the future.
In a Grid Down world, caused on purpose or by an act of nature, we have no idea how long it might take to get back up. Food and water will be the bugaboos to keep replacing. Build a catchment system for water off of your roof, easy and cheap to do. One person I know of has already collected over 3000 gallons of water in the high desert.
Transportation will be a huge issue. Just moving some food goods from a location a few miles from your home base could prove to a major problem. A shanks mare may be your only mode of moving items. A small tough wagon, you can pull might prove to be a life saver.
Aquaponics, as opposed to hydroponics, is a great way to go. You can raise veggies by the tub full and raise fish as well, adding up to hundreds of pounds a year. If you do it, you won't be sorry and you can do it in your garage or outside for very little bucks. Check it out, lots of info on the net some for free. The size you choose is up to you. and you can do it in a series of barrels some upright or horizontal, or larger type tubs you can make from other containers with a few easy mods.
A Grid Down world will be difficult but doable . Hone your skills now for self reliance. Learn those wild edibles in your area Learn to trap and hunt Grow your own food. Plant fruit trees. Primitive skills will be an asset . Also, keep in mind, your own physical conditioning.
Let's hope it never comes to this, no matter the reason, but being ready now help ensure you and your families well being… Check your six

By Dude McLean

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  1. wish I had a crystal ball but as in life none of us do... roll with it but being prepared is the way to roll easy...