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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hidden Inflation plus Greed equals Screw you

Inflation is not always so transparent, like buying food products. Oh one can say the price has been  the same for a very long while, but the dirty little marketing schemes remain mostly unnoticed .
Take coffee, and I think most already know this, a pound of coffee is no longer a pound. The 16 ounces  now is as low as11 ounces and the price goes up. At first glance, the coffee can looks the same but it is not.
Look at boxed cereal. Again, looks pretty much the same, but it isn’t.. The box is “skinny” and the statement on the box says it is full , but the contents have settled.
Toilet paper, not food but a needed item, the light cardboard cylinder is larger which adjusts to less paper, same price though. Almost all products have slipped it to us . This is hidden inflation and it equals to screw you.
Surveys have shown the more often one goes to the market, the more one spends on food and other items, up to 50% more. Those who go once a week or very two weeks or even once a month spend far less money.
To really make your bucks count make a list and stick to it. The items they want you to buy are at eye level—better profit for the store—so look at the lower and higher items on the shelf. Many times, the store brand is a far better buy. It is your money use it in a wise manner. Take advantage of sales know the prices, try to buy much used items in bulk. You will find once you buy items that you use a lot in bulk, you’ll see you are saving bucks in the long haul.
Lets look at unemployment as well. If we used the same methods to measure unemployment as, they did in the 80s and even the 90s, we find that the real rate is 7 to 8 times what the government is reporting with a different method… the modern way. Likewise, inflation would be 8 to 9 times what we are being told.
Inflation shows up even more for the price of a new car/truck, more than most make a year. Although housing costs are down they are still out of reach for those with a modest income.
We are told we should spend money to help out the economy, oh so it is our fault. Money is being spent it just doesn’t allow for much extra, unless one is caught in the credit card trap.
I feel now is the time to be very prudent with your money and any commitments. Those of a lower income feel it the most, some pay as much as 50% of their income for rent and almost the same for food. That is pretty tough to deal with. Many retired folk might live in a very nice home, looks good from the outside, but inside they are barely eating, but are caught in a trap of keeping up a great front all for appearance’s sake. I know two couples who live like this. They are embarrassed to let family and friends know the truth. The stats show that within 5 years of retirement, the average person is in financial trouble… inflation ate them up.
If you are aware of certain things, you can supplement many food items by forging or look for gleaning opportunities—make your own salads, pick left over fruit. Where I used to live, if I rode my bike in the alleys I found fruit hanging over fences and it was there for the taking, oranges, apples, avocados , peaches, etc. With a pickup truck, you could make a good haul.
Knowing the wild foods is a huge plus. Lambs quarter is a super rich food. cook it like spinach .I have found it in alleys and empty lots in the city . Purslane, another great food, add it to any salad, or stew etc. Many more wonderful foods are available for the taking. And way better than the junk you find at the market
…Keep the bucks in your pocket.
By Dude McLean

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  1. any other observations are welcome for sure


  2. Sorry Dude, know its off-topic and miles away from the point of your article - but every time I come back and see the intro/image on this article I am wondering if we have enough paper products put up.... (Big foolish grin)...

    1. no problem Dave, but does kind of tie in. it is all about eating and we both are fans of eating. thanks for the post..