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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Something To Be Aware Of About Preps

 Recently,  I was consulting with a family about their preps when I dropped an unexpected bomb on them with this question, does each family member know how to use your preps? What if for whatever reason  you are not home , do they know how to cook with the storage food you have on hand or how to cook anything at all...Do they know how to make a fire lay that is good for cooking and or warmth , or how to use a camp stove. . How about your emergency lighting. Can they use the tools you have stashed , what about weapons, each member should know how to use them and when.

 Do they have a plan in case you can't get home? Do they know where everything is? What to do if you are sick or injured and one of them must step up to the situation at hand. I feel a good thing is the whole family take a first aid course. Each person take a course on self defense, and a basic, at the  least,  handgun course, depending on age, that would be your call.  if you have a communication radio, ham radios, short wave and such, do they know how it works? If not, teach them most will find it fun. A ham radio would be the number one choice for use. Short wave you might gather additional info. In certain parts of the world a weather radio could be a good move also. For close to home those two way radios might be fine but not secure . Everyone in the family should know how to use them.

If you have a genset each member should know how to start it and hook up. Having a bug out plan that is flexible and where to meet up. Best it is not a long distance away if at all possible . The shorter the better to my mind, you might have to make more than one trip. Some members might be way too young to go far on foot . And most will not be able to carry a young one and some gear very far, that's for movies and TV. fantasy survivalists. You get the picture. 

 You have your own list of what you have stashed away , I suggest you work down the list and break out gear to share with  them and do your own test with them. If they say oh I get it, make them show you, leave nothing to chance. 

 This is short and sweet, all it is, a suggestion to really be prepared for you and your family , you have to fill in the blanks.  Make it all fun and it will go easy. Don't be caught up the well known creek. or in a world of surprise. I shoulda, is not a good excuse when your family is involved.

by  Dude McLean

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  1. Great stuff Dude - if we don't share the knowledge of how to get by in hard times with our young'uns, who are we really preparing for?

  2. thanks Dave you hit the nail on the well known head,,, just a little jolt that is front of us and most do not take into consideration