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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Attitude, Confidence And A Misleading Survival Stance Don’t Be That Guy

Most in the survival world seem very confident about their own ability to cope with myriad survival conditions. Having been involved with many survival forums over the years, and before that time, the countless articles, magazines, videos and books that seem to repeat each other, for the most part, have pretty much convinced those with some skills that they will be able to cope. Nice point of view from your comfy survival chair. I believe some will cope and many more will not. Sure this is speculation on my part. However, it is based on observing many students in the field over a period of 40 years and even more over the last 25 years. Most are not natural leaders, or self starters—both a must in a survival nightmare like a very major earthquake that will shake and destroy the world around you. Even with a plan in place. An event like that will rock you to your knees, with reality slapping you in the face. What you do first will be key.Will your supplies be safe or are they buried under a pile of rubble? That is a trauma of the highest degree. Is your family safe for the moment? Depending on where you live how will the other victims react . Injuries will also dictate your actions . What if you are one who is hurt, not able to walk, what is the plan in that case? You may have the right attitude, but an unexpected injury could really derail your confidence factor.
Now, I hate what ifs that seem so prevalent on forums and I am not going to follow that path. Instead, turn to your own skills. Do you “own those skills”, from the mundane like cooking under primitive conditions, able to improvise on the spot and make do? Have you the ability to comfort others when things are not working so well? Have you the knowledge—read really own the skills—of the urban environment to take advantage for the conditions you find yourself in? Do you have the knowledge to lead your family to high ground and set up a “camp”, perhaps a primitive one? Would you have the fortitude, if need be, to raid a neighbors home for food and other items you feel will help you. Would that be an option, or will your survival skills training kick in without that “free lunch”?
Having a base of owning the primitive skills will carry you a long ways, no matter the conditions . I feel you need to really buckle down and do not fool yourself about your true skills and abilities. Sure attitude and confidence will help you travel some distance, in most cases, but that has to be backed up with true skills not B.S. Look deep into yourself for those answers. Keep in mind that ego can kill you . Confidence means nothing if you don’t have the skill. Attitude is not a skill. Mindset is not a skill. knowledge is a skill.
Now is the time, while you can learn. On the job training is not an option. Learning from who you choose as the masters is also important. Be careful of those who are really just one step ahead of you.. Sometimes that’s okay. If questions cannot be addressed in an articulate manner that could be a clue to move on. Any instructor must be honest with his students. Its okay if they don’t know everything on a subject. Their knowledge, however, should be more than surface deep.
Calamities wait for no man and strike at any given time. Be ready, own the skills, practice and seek knowledge… Do it while you can! I feel, for many reasons, we are in for a bumpy ride. Some of it could be manmade.
Don’t fool yourself, the real deal walks the walk , the rest die…. There will be a test.!
By Dude McLean

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  1. Learning from one's own mistakes cannot be accomplished on a couch - learning from the mistakes of others can be had through reading, observing, and paying attention as you move around in this life. It still boils down to yourowndamnself and your own willingness to learn. Know it sounds like I'm quoting Dude, but that's only because we are like-thinking on such matters.

  2. thanks for your comments Dave , yes great minds think alike .. sometimes thats good other times it just gets us in trouble...