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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Subsistence Survival Re: The Stealth Poacher

If it came down to real subsistence in your world by whatever worldwide collapse scenario you like best, I suggest you establish a few things:
Knowledge of your terrain—study every map you can and the history of your area. Read everything you can get your hands on concerning that history, whoever the native peoples were and what they considered to be staples. Learn to identify those resources. and how to use them to your advantage. In other words, walk in those ancient footsteps—be one with them. Simple things like the game trails, the old peoples paths, caves and cliffs, seasonal creeks, springs, and even a small seepage could be very important.
Try to camp out as much as possible. If that is not a option due to laws, rules etc. be familiar with the sites that offer the potential. You might try a stealth camp, your call. If you can locate a place that would offer a cache site then do so . If you can pre build a quality shelter that’s a plus. It must be well hidden.
Even if you plan to bug out have your backup plan in place if the first option fails you at the last minute, no use being helpless. Have that backup. Even most large cities have places nearby. Take L.A for instance, it is surrounded by what I call the ” instant wilderness”. It is like stepping over a line after a few miles and you have creeks, waterfalls and lots of game, from bear to bushy tails to bunnies, lots of deer and everything in between. The possibilities are endless. Sure it might be a little crowded at the start of things, but if you have truly done your homework, you will be able to avoid those people with ease. The point is to know the area so well you could disappear in a heartbeat, and lose anyone who spots you. For those who live in a rural area it should be a snap to learn the places that work best.. Stay off of any established trails. They are trails for a reason, over the years a whole lot of folks have used those trails and could be drawn to them, no matter that you may have never seen another person on them. Trails that are worn mean people. I think for most bugging out will problem. You can count the ways you could be SOL, road blocks, natural barriers, or manmade, traffic way beyond your wildest dreams, and raiders, don’t discount those types at all. When society implodes it will produce, in a minute, every stereotype we have ever seen or heard about. If you have planned well you will have avoided them.
Poaching is a word that conjures up trophy hunters and the like, not what I’m talking about. Subsistence in a real survival situation is usually excused. But in a breakdown, most laws, at first anyway, will be out the window. In any country that has had breakdowns, law continues to a certain degree. Many people still go to work and government is not going to let go all that easily. So in order to harvest any game, stealth will be the order of the day, no matter the season . You have to eat for you and your family. Hopefully you will have some supplies put away where you can get your grubby mitts on them. By foraging, you will help fill your larder. Many have learned the basics of trapping at our Dirttime events. by setting snares and the smart use of the rat trap, you can harvest bushy tails, cotton tails and other small rodents and even birds and other critters. Small game can be way more productive and a few small critters will fill your tummy. You can snare deer as well, not legal but will work well and it is quiet. We are talking about a real collapse here, not fun a games. In fact, you can snare any game. Dead falls will work well also. You can harvest a bear with a dead fall if you have the guts to set the sucker and even snare him.
Even if your trapping skills sadly lack, you can trap critters, by following a few simple rules.
  1. Learn to recognize game trails for what they are.
  2. Learn at least a few imprints and Identify the critter.
  3. learn what they eat.
  4. Learn what it looks like where deer stay the night, look in heavy brushy areas or a heavy crowded woodsy area. look for the grass or high weeds that have been flattened that is where they bed down.
  5. Remember all critters need water and that brings us to fishing. A line and a pole wont really cut it in most places. You are not there for sport, a fish trap is not difficult to make. A few devices are available that allows one to set several in place and leave them.
  • Check all traps at least twice a day
  • Mark where they are. No matter that you are in survival mode, no need to have any animal suffer needlessly.
  • Stealth is the key.
I had a cousin who found himself in a desperate situation, his family needed food He was beside himself and would not ask for help from his wealthy dad or anyone else— pride can be a downfall. He cruised the back roads looking for a deer out of season. He was stopped by a game warden who saw him using a light, not legal . My cousin was so embarrassed he broke down and told the game warden his plight and why he trying to poach. He was lucky, the game warden took him to his own home and gave him steaks from an elk and other goodies. He told me this story not long before he died, he never told his dad.
Poaching is one thing survival poaching is another thing. On any level I have no respect for any kind of trophy hunting. Why are they taking out the prime DNA is beyond me.
There is a time and place. Check yer 6 by covering it at all times. It will pay off.

By Dude McLean

By Dude McLean

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  1. sometimes it a clear call other times its your call be it muddy or not..


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  3. "Feed them what they are eating with a hook in it".. Grandpa Davis on fishing, circa 1955.

  4. enter the speed hook by hook or crook... ya dont learn overnight apply yourself ahead of time... thanks for the comment Dave too true...