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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Updated Training

Training for any skill set is very important. Once you learn it and own it most move on,  once in awhile practice what they have been taught. That is the average person. Sometimes a person really keeps up that skill with practice on a regular bases.
The fighting arts, in all of the different forms are enjoyable to practice and the incentive for many is moving up in whatever belt system your “art” dictates. All well and good.
Same with weapons training. As they say and has been proven, as you train is how you will act or react in the field.
As time marches on , the older we get time goes by faster than we realize and suddenly it has been years since we took a refresher class/course. I feel strongly that a refresher course should be with someone you have not trained within the past. You will find another point of view, a different approach and perhaps what you feel is a better way, an updated way, new tactics. That is refreshing as well. That is not to say what you learned in the past is discarded, on the contrary, you move the chess pieces in a proper manner and incorporate your own mix and match.
I recently took a refresher course and was reminded of the time frame that had passed since I last took instructions from someone else in a formal manner. By paying attention to what the instructors had to say by keeping my focus on their method, and not pooh poohing their approach but just going along with it, keeping an open mind, I learned a lot. I had fun and did not a challenge some of the  things I didn't agree with but tried it out. In other words I did not fight their system. That was for me to work out at a later date.
What was apparent is, I was a little “rusty” with some things. Not really up to speed, close but I was not happy with myself. By adjusting to their methods I became a happy guy again.
Mind you in this area I have had extensive training over the past 50 years. Have tried to keep up with new “stuff” and been to many classes and reading etc.  Practicing on my own. However, we need to get out and really do it to keep sharp and realize it could mean our life, and our loved ones lives as well.
So what am I talking about? I did a 4 day handgun self-defense course. I was happy with the end results. Not my first dance by any means not even my tenth dance, but I updated myself and my abilities, and self-confidence.
Take a long hard look at yourself. Is it time to update? Yes it is! Go for it.

By Dude McLean

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