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Monday, June 29, 2015

Hotel Hiding Places

If you travel and stay in a motel/hotel room you have the chance of finding money or other valuables just for the taking.
How? you ask. Well, you search the room under lamps, under chairs and tables, behind the TV, in the bathroom, under the sink and so on.
Look around the room and ask yourself where would I hide money or whatever it is and look in those places?
Look for furniture that has hollow legs lamps that you can peel the felt off of the bottom. Sure you have to turn the table over, same with chairs. All TVs have little cubby holes behind them in the works. Pull out all the drawers and look under them and behind them. Look at light switches—unscrew them and take a peek. Move the large furniture and look behind them. Check all the cushions for sewing that does not match. In the bathroom look at the shower curtain rods if they can be moved, remove them to see if it has a hollow place, you will need a small flashlight. I once found in excess of 6 grand stuffed in a shower rod. I bugged out of the room and went to another motel. Who knows how long that money was there could have been drug money or? Who knows when the person who hid the money would come back? And if he was up to no good. I’m gone like the wind. I had a hell of a time getting the money out of the rod, Used a long piece of wire I found in the parking lot. Check under the sink as well. I found a great knife taped under the sink. Behind furniture I have found porno DVDs and old tapes, sexy nighties, and other sex toys, as well as old Polaroids… when they were in use. Those polaroids were interesting stuff, showing angles that were for a contortionist. I have also found guns.
The why is, why does one hide things and then leave them? Did they mean to come back or what? I don’t know. Perhaps they Just forgot it like anything else. We all have forgotten things.
In Wickenburg, Arizona I found 250 bucks tucked up in a fake beam with metal decorative bands and I thought what a great place to hide some bucks, and it was. I could just see the end of the folded bills with my flashlight. I had to stand on the bed and could just wiggle out the money… Thank you very much. That was a weekend trip that was paid for.
I suspect, in many cases, the items were forgotten by a trucker, or a sales person on the road and was safe guarding the stash for whatever reason. So they get 2 hours down the road and the thought hits them “oh crap I forgot my money” or whatever. It will now take 2 more hours to go back and another 2 hours to get where the hand hit the forehead and they are now 6 hours down. Most are on a schedule and cannot take the time to go back, so they write it off or figure they will pick it up on a return trip, or I don’t know ! I also think most of these things no one ever returns for the item. If they do the room is taken and they have no access anyway.
Older motels are better because they offer more places to hide stuff, but new places have some fine places as well, like the furniture. Even under the mattress the oldest spot in the world, but people continue to hide stuff under the mattress. Lift them so you can to see the middle of he bed and under the bed look for taped up stash on the frame. Don’t forget behind pictures. I have taken them apart and found money. Always put everything back as it was. Leave no trace!
One time we were pulling into a roadside cafe and a bunch of bikers were roaring out of the parking lot. 4 cop cars were there. We went in the place and it had booths lined up by the windows. The windows had curtains and a shelf like inset. I sat down and it was a natural thing to put my arm on the shelf thingy. And what the hell I felt a gun, hidden behind the curtain. I looked at my evil other half and said we have to go now. As we were leaving the parking lot, I spied two bikers racing back. I think when the law showed up one of those guys stashed the gun and was coming back to retrieve his stashed weapon. That was good luck on my part bad on his… Treasure is where you find it.
Over the years I have found a lot of money, by taking a few minutes to search a room. I can do it in about 15 minutes. I can look in 10 rooms and never find a thing, but once in a while it pays off. Nice hobby all just for the looking.

By Dude McLean

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