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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cold Steel Bushman

The Cold Steel Bushman has proven its self over a long period of time. Seems like there has been a lot of talk about the cost of knives and many opt for knives like the Mora and such.. Some like it because the Mora is inexpensive and seems to work for them. Others have no use for it. Be that as it may, it is still popular.
The “Bushman”, both large and small, is one great tool for the money. I have both the mini and the large. Here are a few mods I did.
One day, while at the local Home Depot, I spied some key rings, so I bought some of the key rings that fit over the handle of the Bushman. I then wrapped the handle with green duck tape over the rings and handle, holding the rings in place. Then you can wrap that with paracord, if you so desire. Now you have some handy and always available rings you can use for snares or other things that may have the need for loops. By wrapping the handle, you are not grabbing a cold steel, no pun, when it is cold out and gives you a better purchase with your tender hands, and does not slip.
For many years my friend Christopher Nyerges beat the hell out of a large Bushman while batoning wood to process hearths and fire wood. Many times he used a large rock to pound down the Bushman, if a wood baton was not handy. Not the best idea, as he knows, but the Bushman took the abuse for many years and kept right on ticking, and is still in use to this day. The edge has never rolled and Only needs a touch up to keep it sharp and ready for chores. Like being used as a draw knife, or any other chores he needs it for. It is not a thing of beauty, at this point, except for its performance.
The other day I was doing a class with a friend and he was using his knife to baton some hard oak and rolled the edge on his not so cheap knife, one that has a very good rep. Granted it was not made for this use, but he had done it many other times with no problems. The oak was very hard and he may have hit a knot. I handed him my Bushman. I don’t think he had ever used one before, because he was very surprised. It went though all the rest of the oak effortlessly.
I always carry this knife in my pack. I think in truth this is a knife we all know about but many never bothered with it, It is well worth the nominal cost, and will give you great service.
The Bushman. is all one piece with the handle being hollow. This affords other utility, like adding a stick for a longer handle or a long stick for a spear. You can also put some goodies in the hollow portion for emergency use, like water purifying tabs, fish hooks, and any other small items you might wish to add. I have used these knives since they were introduced and some folks have turned up their collective noses at them but they are missing the boat by not having a few or more.
Now, this is not a knife that yells” wow Am I pretty or what?” . This is a real user for anything, and works hard at it, never giving up. Like I said,not the best looking knife in the world, just a work horse and in the Dirt that is what you want and need. They are inexpensive and you can get them everywhere. The Cold Steel Bushman, you can't go wrong.

By Dude McLean


  1. I chose the Bowie variety ("Cold Steel Bowie Blade Bushman"), Have been very satisfied with its utility!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. I have owned a bushman since the mid 1990's.
    I too have abused mine, and it has NEVER failed in the field. They make great gifts as well!

  3. thanks guys for the feedback...