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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Always Gun

Reading as of late brings on the rash of home invasions. I feel we are only hearing of a small percentage of these invasions.
For myself, and others who are showing some gray hair, it means to young punks “harmless old guy can be taken out so is an easy mark”. Well, I believe part of the solution is the “always gun” no matter where or what, along with the skill of being aware.
Being aware has to be practiced until it is second nature. Most guys think they are very aware and my question has always been, “how do you know?” No one is there pointing out what you missed. I have written about this subject in the past and once had an article in “Wilderness Way” magazine titled “You are only aware of what you are aware of”
That brings us to the “Always Gun”. For well over 40 years, I have had my always gun on me or right next to me. If I get up it comes with me. Now, where I live today, in the high desert and pretty remote, I feel it is more than the right thing to do. The combo of an older guy and being remote might lead some bad guys to think ahhh easy mark. Maybe not, sez I. Most of the time my 45 is on my hip—I love 45s. I leave it on when I’m writing or watching tv. After a while, you forget it is is even there. You get used to it. By my bed side is my 45, a 12 ga. shot gun, a vec hawk and a machete… Some people worry others prepare.
If I could see into the future, I wouldn’t have to have an always gun or other weapons so handy. I would wait until the red flag went up and I would be warned in advance. Since I’m not able to see into the future, I feel it is prudent to be prepared as much as I am able, to ensure my own future.
My always gun was very handy the other night when I had the incident with my dogs and the coyotes. It was also with me when two guys came up to my gate pretending, I think, to sell me some frozen meat, it is not the area where you go to try and sell anything door to door. Most places like mine are fenced with locked gates and the homes are acres and acres apart, and really spread out. They eye balled my 45 and my two dogs who were going off on them. After some choice words, they hauled butt. When they came up to the gate I didn’t have to go fumbling around for a weapon it was already in place.
I will recount another true story that my friend Alan Halcon can verify as well. Several years ago, on the 4th of July, we were having a party… daytime bbq and etc. It was the middle of the week, when the next door gardeners started using a leaf blower, causing the the dust to go all over our food. I got up and told the guy to stop. He just kept on going. I told him to stop again. He said his boss told to him to keep going… it was getting heated at this point. I told him he was now on my property and to stop. Out of about 25 men who were attending the 4th of July party Halcon was the only one who got up and came out to where I was, to check on me and all the loud yelling. I asked Halcon to tell the guy in Spanish to stop using his blower because he was blowing dirt all over the food. The guy told Halcon to” F:” off, then he pulled some pruning shears and took a swipe at me. I was backed up against my garage door with no where to go as was Halcon. The next this thing dumbass did was look really scared. Halcon had A knife at his belly and I had gun in his face. I don’t know who was more surprised the guy or Halcon as I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. We told him to drop the shears, he did. In the news there had been recent reports of guys using shears to cut up people. Now, this was in a pretty upscale hood of Toluca Lake, Ca., something you would not expect there. No it wasn’t my 45 It was a Beretta Tom Cat, 32 caliber. But, I betcha it looked bigger to the dumbass. You just do not know what and where anything will take place. Later on Halcon asked me where that gun came from? He did not even see me pull it out. All he saw was the gun in the guys face.
A neighbor, who happened to see the whole thing from his second story home, asked me the same thing the next day. He said, all of a sudden, like magic, I had a gun in this idiots face. My safety was off as I pulled the weapon… Practice pays off.
Granted a stupid thing turned almost very bloody, and I’m glad it stopped where it did. Things get out of control very fast. I could relate a few other events, but that is enough for now. My point is the always gun should always be.
The always gun takes some discipline to carry all the time, even around your peaceful home. At this party, the last thing on my mind was we would have any trouble of any kind .
The Always Gun. some people worry others prepare. Over the years I have had intensive training and continue to train. The Always Gun. is great insurance for you and yours, if you know how and when to use it. Make sure to train and keep training for the always gun, it will pay off.

By Dude McLean

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  1. a weapon in the closet or in your safe is no good if you need it right damn now..
    even at night or during the day and Im reading or looking at TV my weapon is beside me or in the holster. the always gun.


  2. Much respect - I totally agree with your advice......

  3. thankyou Frank, glad you maqde qa comment and foundbyour way here..

    regrads Dude