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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kurt Saxson Quotes

Kurt Saxon is the man who coined the word “survivalist” he wrote many books about survival, had news letters and etc. His ” The poor man’s James Bond series of books were classic Saxon. He had another set of books he published  mostly reprints of 1800s technology and interspersed with his own articles. In the 70s he took the survival world by storm and continued his writing though the 80s and 90s
Nothing was taboo to him and he always rocked a lot of boats . As it turns out he was way ahead of the “preppers” today with his idea of 1800s use of technology. I have his whole collection in my desert  man cave. Some of it is absurd some is right on the money. He wrote for every survival magazine of the time.His books are still available.
I met the ,man at a survival expo in about 1983 in Pasadena , California, he had a few missing fingers from playing around with explosives, read experimenting!
 Here are a few quotes. These are from 1982  “the Weaponeer”
 ” The silliest is the scenario which tells of the survivalists ,seemly dying of old age after interminable  battles with a never ending list of enemies. The World has sunk in to perpetual barbarism. Valhallah!”
 “The gung ho survivalist who fancies himself an eternal warrior or warlord , keeping himself alive by looting urbanites and then the rurals is plainly and simply doomed. His  mastery  of martial skills will leave him about as useful  as a muscle bound bound sports “hero” in a machine shop”
 “After the  collapse , only the versatile will be useful. The narrow specialist , whether he is in hi  tech , or a Brinks guard will serve no more purpose than  teats on a bull”
 ” The danger to the weapons freak is a false sense of security. He believes  he can defend his holdings from all comers, or, if he has none, he can take what he needs from others not so well armed, or he can hire out”
 “Defending  an untenable position is stupid. Surviving urbanites  may only be refugees , leaving most of their holdings behind and finally  being killed by hostile rurals “
“Hiring out  will only be temporary , The Great Culling  will exterminate those with the need to take what they haven’t earned”
“Most of them are decent  men with regular jobs , just hobbying. They are all right, but there are among them who live for the day when gthey can be free to kill anything that moves. I hope they all do yeoman service in the coming urban hellishness . But they will not be needed for long in a rural environment.”
He goes on about living in A rural location in Arkansas and about being involved in the community. He speaks of  how most are vets  and are at  least part time hunters,  his county is a  garrison state without meaning to be .  he states there is about 70- miles of hillbillies  between him and the nearest city.  Aside from having it out with a few infiltraters  he will most likely never any action at all., if he is lucky..”
 “In my downplaying of the importance of weaponry I dont mean to belittle  readers of the Poor Mans James Bond or the Weaponeer or any other such works. Learning  to make things yourself ,for one otherwise totally dependant on others  even weapons ,   for ones manufactured wants and needs , especially ones safety. “
 So he seems to have been ahead of the curve.

By Dude McLean

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  1. “After the collapse , only the versatile will be useful." Here I set nodding my head like my Grandpa did... Keep having to remind myself "be sure to bring the woman" wherever you wind up. She has good skills in areas I will never have. 'Nuff said.

  2. good thinking , Dave, the women have many skills us he-men dont have...