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Monday, June 29, 2015

Kitchen Coin Shooting

I learned this from one of the grand old men of treasure hunting , Karl von Mueller, taken from the expression “coin shooting” with metal detectors..
The deal is this. Buy from the bank 50 cent rolls—I buy a 100 bucks at a time sometimes more—break open each roll and look for the dates pre 1965 and 65 through 73. The banks do not separate out the silver coins, I have found and continue to find whole rolls of pre 65 coins free silver for a few minutes time. At about 10 bucks per coin, todays silver price, it can add up very fast. For the 65 through 73 you are looking at about 4 to 5 bucks a coin. Sometimes I have found nothing. If that is the case take back the rolls back to the bank for your money back or just trade them for more rolls. I mark the rolls I have been through so I dont do the same roll twice.
This is a savvy way to make a few bucks and the silver is free. Just take the silver coins to a place that buys gold and silver and bam you have some easy money.
There is millions waiting to be found right in the banking system and it is legal… it is just sitting there. Almost any coin shop will buy. They will pay the spot price for your silver coins. All over the country there are shops that buy and sell silver and gold… One is close to you.
I have been doing this since 1968. I used to find way more back then even bought dime and quarter rolls then, but not so good anymore. The half dollars did not circulate like the dimes and quarters did, too heavy for most to lug around. You can pick up a 200 buck bill for a bit of looking, every week if you are lucky.
Some folks like to keep the silver coins and are waiting for the price of silver to climb higher. Thats okay also it wont go anywhere.
You cannot lose any money the 50 cents is still 50 cents and you got it for free.
This is a great time of year to buy those rolls of coins, as people are looking for bucks to spend on gifts so those old stupid rolls of coins grandpa had are just sitting there and they trade them in at the bank for bills at face value. The bank will not give you the silver value.
All you do is ask the teller for rolls of silver halfs or dollars if they have them. Very seldom do rolls of silver dollars come up, but it does happen so always ask… jump on it. Small town banks can be more productive in most cases you don’t even need an account to buy rolls of coins.
This is just a way to self reliance. Take the money you make and buy items to stock up on.
I have made a 1000 bucks at one sitting in the past doing this game. It is easy to do and is just waiting for the savvy guy to come along. I am always grateful for whatever I find. Have fun.

By Dude McLean

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  1. this is great way to make a few bucks with little time spent and little effort..