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Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Prudent Man and Insurance

A Prudent Man and Insurance

In recent news stories there has been talk of the nut cases, “survivalists”, so called, or the term “preppers”, calling doomsday, and  they are out of control. Hoarding vast amounts of food and other supplies. Some say the government is keeping an eye on these dangerous people, for they are not the “norm”, and might be up to something that the government needs to keep tabs on. They are different and strange . Really? Are they serious?
Being prepared is a very broad term. Let's take a look at it. By state law in California we who drive must have insurance. So being a prudent person most have the insurance, it is not really all that cheap, we are told it is but in truth it is not. Some spend thousands a year, year after year.
If you own a home, a false impression in reality, the bank owns it till the last payment is made. You have to have home owners insurance and fire insurance, and in some places flood insurance, none of these are cheap. They do fall into the prudent man slot.
Now look at these insurance deals, I call them scams, even though you may go year after year with no claims you still continue to pay and over the years the rates climb. No one says you are dangerous , or strange , or different or written about as an oddity of some sort. No one says you are hoarding home insurance with money, you  are buying the item and storing it in a contract. Absurd? maybe, maybe not.
You are prepared for the worst. It is the accepted norm. In fact it is really strange and weird. The law says we have to do these things , or the bank contract says we have to this and thus or they will buy it and charge you.  We are following the dictates of our society. Therefore we are cool and prudent. No news items here.
See what happens if your own idea of insurance happens to be the fact that you wish to store away some must haves in order to “live”, to “survive” . Must haves are food, water, and other items that “insure” you and your family will continue to survive any conditions that would knock out the grid, stop the flow of traffic, like an earthquake, a huge ice storm, that lasts for several days, or months  etc. Name the devastation and let it roll. A prudent man could ride it out with his “homemade insurance”.
Nobody can tell you they will be there to help you. So you are left to take care of yourself. A prudent man, you would think, would make some wise choices. The basics are the first set of choices. It is your own homemade insurance that pays off in spades by keeping you and the loved ones alive and comfy. Is that so bad? What is so different about this as opposed to buying insurance for your car(s) when you have had no accidents in 20 years. Your house has never burned down, and never been flooded. We continue to pay. That is hoarding in more contract forms. Again, absurd? Really?
Store a little food that might last a year.My God he is hoarding! What?
Hell Im hoarding clothes, I have 30 shirts , 8 coats, 9 pairs of boots and shoes. 20 pairs of socks etc, but no one has ever said  anything about those items. But store a little food , something that is even more basic then clothes ( in places) and you have all kinds of fingers pointed at you. Store enough food for a year for  family of four. Now look at that in the context of what our expected life span is. So you have put aside enough basic food items for one year. Your life span is at about 80 years or so. That one year of food is for four people. Now break that down over the years you might live. It comes out to days, not months. And that is hoarding? Absurd? Really? Someone is worried that you have a few days of food that amounts zip over the period of your life span. That is absurd!
So the answer is, we should all just buy enough food for each day as they do in some places in europe where I have visited. Or better yet just eat out all the time, store nothing at home. Keep the cupboards bare. Do not lift a finger to help yourselves.
Being prudent in one goofy area seems to be okay, car and home insurance but not in other areas of your life. Like keeping alive. Home and car insurance will not keep you alive.
What pure nonsense we are seeing in the press and from other places.
Being prudent is the ability to stay alive and thrive by providing the goods and tools  to do so. You become less of a burden to the government and they can move on to some nonprudent slave of the state. I guess thinking for yourself and being someone who thinks ahead and plans a little, who is independent, is a no no.
It is all insurance. Part of being a human being. Even critters store food. Maybe we should look into that and stop that kind thinking.
What is your insurance?. Are you a , God forbid, a hoarder… Oh my…

By Dude McLean

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  1. I guess the Indians should not have prepared for the winters by storing food...