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Saturday, May 30, 2015

What’s For Breakfast

What’s For Breakfast

Breakfast, break-fast, break the fast from sleeping and not eating for 6 to 10 hours. I’am one of theose people who wake up hungry. Five minutes after getting up and dressed I want to eat. I want coffee, and “hot” food. I will settle for a cold cereal, but does not make me happy.
Oatmeal, cream of wheat are fine. Toast and coffee. Eggs and bacon and hobo fries, work well. At home, all of this is pretty easy to pull off.
While on the trail or camping it might be more of a chore for some and no biggy to others. For me though I still want it hot and right damn now. So what do I do? Enter my trusty coffee can pot, yep that one. And what do I cook? In one can goes the water for my coffee, in the other can goes a dry soup, yep soup, a good hearty one, even a canned one if I’ am in one place for a while. Soups are hot, they are easy to heat, and they are filling.
Many times as the soup is cooking I will either put in an egg still in the shell, and as the soup cooks/heats , the egg cooks inside the shell and I have a soft boiled egg, and my hot soup all done at the same time. Or I have cracked the shell and poured in the egg(s) to cook with the soup, I just stir it up in the soup. Yum sez I.
This is fast and easy. All kinds of dried soups are available as you know, they fit into your pack and you can cram them in the little spaces. I take mine out of the pouches and mark them with duct tape.
I have had people say , “soup for breakfast, you have to be kidding me” . Who said you cant have soup for whenever you want it? Ice cream for breakfast is just fine as long as my mom does’nt find out. Soups are  good in the morning, it is light , wont bog you down, hot and warms you up on a chilly sunrise. Light to carry. And you can even have it for lunch as well. As you learn the wild edible plants you might add those greens to the soup, you find along the trail. Things like the seeds fr curly dock will help to thicken the soup, lambs quarter in the soup is very very good. Experiment with what you find and you know 100% what the plant  is.
Hot soup fills the tummy and is fast and easy to fix. Not much to clean either.
Try some hot soups for breakfast, if you have not tried it before, now is a great time. For your consideration.
By Dude McLean

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