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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Simple Tips For Water

Simple Tips For Water

In our wanderings we sometimes get low on water, depending what part of the country we find ourselves. In some areas water is always available, it seems. In many of the places I do my own dirt time, I am in arid regions.
I do run low on water , depending on the time of the year. .
Here are a few things you can do if you run into a low water situation, or no water at all. When most folks come upon stagnate water they are repulsed at first. But if that is your only choice, in most cases it is okay, if you are prepared just a little bit. Skim the top of the scum , fill up your can, billy, etc and then add some charred bits of wood from your camp fire , boil it and when it is finished boiling let it settle for a minute, and  skim some off the top again. Strain it, with a shirt , a bandana, or what have you. Set it off to one side and let it cool. Boiling sterilizes the water and the charcoal is the deodorizer. For the best results add an inch or so of charcoal.
Let all boil for 15 minutes to a half hour.. Makes for a sweet tasting water.
Cooling water when it is very hot was something all the old timers knew about. In today's world some may know and some might be surprised, this even works with the plastic water bottles, and those plastic canteens that impart a horrible taste, to my mind. This is really just common sense. Trekkers in the deserts carry water bags of canvas or made from linen duck. I have a folding bucket made of this stuff. When these bags are filled with water they exude a lot of moisture and cool the contents down by evaporation. Wet the covers on your canteens, works the same way. Those plastic bottles can be wrapped with a wet cloth , keep it wet, and let them hang in the air currents. Placed in the shade is best.
Filters::: Many have been confused about what a “filter” does, even the store bought ones. Remember at best they will clarify the water. Some of these filters jam up pretty fast, always try and prefilter them through a t-shirt or a bandana first. A filter should be cleaned on a regular basis, if in the bush at least once a day. Needs to have an intense wash/cleaning. You do not need your filter to be a hot bed of breeding  for your favorite germs.
The big point is that filters do not sterilize. They filter.
Water can make you very sick. And take you out of the game pretty fast. Always be careful about your water.
In a hard core situation if the water looks scummy etc, it can be okay to drink by following the rules. It is your own judgment call, common sense is always a must. Experience in the wild is earned while learning and doing.
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By Dude McLean

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  1. a filter can be made with sand and small pebbles as well..