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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Every Home Is An Arsenal

Every Home Is An Arsenal

Home invasion! A common robber/bad guy(BG)/thief, some lowlife is invading your home. Now what? He is in your living room as you walk out of the bathroom, both of you are surprised, but it is your “turf”. Your bang stick is in the bedroom, so what to do? It is your turf, you know the room, and all it holds. Almost everything you can lay a hand on is a weapon.
The mind set has to be in place to protect yourself and your family. And you will do everything in your power to defend family and home. Look around your home with a fresh eye. Refuse to be limited just because you do not have a “conventional” weapon in reach. First, lets backup just a bit. If you can get out , do so. If you can hide, do so. However, if the confrontation is in your face , so to speak, then it is time for action. Yell at them and scream really loud, to get the hell out right now. The old guy next door might hear you, cool. Okay that didn't work. In the real world of, right now, we can only really count on ourselves. Most of us, not really being highly trained ninja kick butt beyond black belt kinda folks, the best bet is to keep as much distance between you and them. If the BG is armed you still have more than a chance at the “win”.
You are fighting the man not his weapon. That is why you have this mindset, almost every object in your home can be used as a weapon. Look around right now. Certain items are not used as much as they once were. One such item is a heavy glass ashtray, perfect for throwing. A pencil or a ball point pen for up close is very deadly if used right. How about a door, just slam it as loud as you can, and step back to grab a lamp and swing it when the BG comes through the door, followed by a chair in the air.
Got hot water on the stove, soup, stew, a frying pan, a coffee pot, these are throwing weapons. These are all makeshift , your mind has to let go of what the conventional use is, and make the leap to “weapon” .
How about a broom, and use it like a sword/spear, thrusting it just below the ribs, the neck, the eyes, the foot, etc.
A pocket knife, a set keys, belts used as a flail , hope it has a nice heavy buckle. House plants in pots. Speakers, a radio, any knick knacks you can put your hands on. Books, hard backs throw them, magazines rolled up and thrust at the face, cans of food, toys, a fishing pole, you get the picture.
Do a special look around the rooms of your home or office , go to your garage take an inventory of what could be the best objects you could use.
Be the survivor, be the winner and defender of your home. Maybe some of these ideas are not all that manly for some of you, but I think for most, these are very viable options. Good luck.

By Dude McLean

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