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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Intimidation Factor of Large Dogs

The Intimidation Factor of Large Dogs

I have been spending a lot of time doing research, and interviews, with many people, all for an upcoming book that I will complete at some unknown date in the future. My collection of books on dogs is growing by leaps and bounds. No pun.
One of the more interesting areas are guard/protection dogs, and how to use them, and namely the breeds, and or special mixes of several breeds. ( I will cover those in another article).
Im not getting into what I think about the results, and I’ am not doing this to put down your choice of dog/pet etc.
This is about facts as I have found them to be from many sources. We all have our favorite dog(s) that is for sure. Every time on any forum, when “what are the best dogs” comes up, and everyone hops on the bandwagon. Most of the breeds I will talking about I have never owned, been around many of them , hunted behind and with some of them, a few I've never seen in person.
First the difference between a small “alarm ” dog and an “intimidator” is huge, and I mean huge. I have found the bigger the dog the more intimidated the “intruder”, whether by accident or on purpose. Sometimes a” dog team “is the way to go.
Color, makes a big difference. Black seems to be more intimidating than any other color. Dogs with a black muzzle/face come next. White and spotted dogs are low on the list.
Let's start with what are known as the giant breeds. Great Danes are pretty well known. The Danes that are black, blue, or tan with black muzzles, are the best for what we are looking for. These are large dog, topping the scale at 150 pounds and up. They are wonderful family dogs, and will guard you to the death. They were once used as boar hounds and still are in parts of this country. When we see a dog with this stature who has a head that comes to your chest it is not taken lightly. The ancestors of these dogs were used in Roman times as man killers and the dogs of war.
Irish Wolf Hounds, an ancient breed, and the largest of what is termed the giant breeds meaning, how  high they get at the shoulder. Not a real aggressive watch dog, but the intimidation factor cannot be denied. They are great family dogs, and will defend any member of the household. Don't get them pissed off. This is a sight hound, hunting dog. Also used as a dog of war in ancient times.
Scottish Deerhounds, are very much like the Irish Wolf hound, the head and the body is a little more slender. They are very regal and never will back down. Somewhat like the temperament of the IW … These two breeds are very special and have needs other dogs do not. I would have one in a New York minute.
The Borzoi, an elegant looking dog, comes in colors from black to white. A little aloof, but is a family dog. And will guard you and defend you as well. All of the above dogs will hunt many different critters. The Borzoi was a wolf killer and are used in the U.S. for hunting coyotes, etc.
The Cane Corso is a huge dog, like a pit bull on steroids.
Very much the guard/protection dog. Family is first, all others standby to get out of the way. Very intimidating beast. I have a friend who has one, once he knows you it is okay, but you have the feeling he just wants an excuse.
Those are only a few of the giant breeds. There are many more, and any of them could be considered. They have special needs and need to be treated right. Need early training, and know who is the boss. Never strike one of these dogs. Or any dog.
Large breeds, most of you will know these dogs. The Rottweiler has proved itself as a very popular dog in this country. Like all breeds that become popular be careful where you buy. These dogs are family dogs, and will guard and protect. I have seen them from being on the small side to being very large, 140 pounds etc. Great dog.
Rhodesian Ridgeback, who is really a sight hound and a tracker/hunter. A good choice but can be stubborn and willful.
They scare the bad guys, and will defend your family and home. They work great in pairs. They have become very popular, and you need to check ,and make sure they are not coming from a puppy mill. I have hunted behind these dogs and they are fearless.
The movies favorite as the badass dog is the Doberman Pinscher, not really all that big, leggy and almost built like a greyhound. Really smart and easy to train, they are intimidating and have a rep. Can be a little high strung so be careful and research the breeder. I like these dogs and their personality. Attitude in all dogs is everything.
German Shepherds , everyone knows these dogs also.
great dogs, very smart and have a rep also. Hard to get one that has no problems waiting in the future.
I cannot leave out the Akita, They are aloof at times, stubborn and smart. I found mine easy to train. They are a watch dog and a guard dog, a family dog and very loyal.
My Akita topped off at 125 pounds and was intimidating if you didn't know her. Great dogs.
 Airedales, the working Airedale is one hell of a dog , hunter, a guard dog, and a family dog. Check out hunting and working Airedales, you are in for a treat.
Not enough room here to into all the breeds and what my choices would be and why. There are many fine mixed dogs that work out very well, will cover that later. What my book is looking at with certain breeds, is the intimidation factors and finding what is the norm and what is real with these large and giant breeds.
In addition I am looking at them for other uses as well, that will be in another article and or in my book.
Dogs are our best friends.

By Dude McLean

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  1. I now have a Scottish deerhound , very sweet to those she knows, alert and also a Queensland heeler .. not big but protective and fearless he is intimidating when you are on the wrong side of him, very willful and stubborn to say the least but a great dog..


  2. We have another Shepherd. She is only 2 now, and I'll be praying hip dysplasia won't be a part of her future. Have had her from 6 weeks and she is a wonderful addition to our family. Will do the best we can by her.

  3. Shephrds are wonderful dogs and wiil guard your butt and cover it..