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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Speedhook

Going through some files and such I found an old copy of “The American Survival Guide” , well not really all that old, Dec. 1998. I flipped through the pages and it landed on an article that caught my eye. ” Speedhook, not just another fish story” by Andrew J. Pratscher, president of Speedhook specialists. I read the story and as I read it came back to me.
I do not recall the exact date I got my first order of Speedhooks but I know it was in the early 90s. I was thrilled with them and ordered more. They worked better than advertised.
The highlights of the article are about Andrew taking his 11 year old son fishing and realizing he had not fished since 1971. He came home skunked, his son did catch some fish. Andrew states that he was really trying to catch some fish  also but failed. Who hasn't been there?
He started messing around with some ideas and the Speedhook was the result.
Andrew had a friend who ended up funding the idea of the Speedhook and they were issued a patent on Jan. 2 , 1990. They did fishing expos and the response was way more than they could handle. They were putting the ‘Hooks together by hand and it was time to expand.
Speedhooks, if you do not know work great for pan fish, bluegill, carp, perch, crappie, rockbass, whitefish,, catfish etc, Some have caught flounder, pigfish and other types of saltwater fish also, says Andrew.
In my own experience I know they work well when fishing with kids .
The Speedhook  has the perfect name, because it sets the hook so fast the fish has no chance of escaping. When you are ready to eat, or in a survival situation that is important.
As a matter of fact, in his article Andrew writes they had the department of Defense interested, I think that worked out very well for Speedhook. DOD said, in their tests the Speedhook was able to catch birds, bunny's, and rodents… As a result the Speedhook is sold to every branch of the military. Not bad for starting at home fooling around with an idea
I hope everyone , every Dirttimer, is aware of this great tool, if not you should know it works well and beyond, fool around with them for while and you will be amazed.
This is one of the great tools that should be in every kit, and every pack. They take up such  little room it would be a crime not have a few with you, for the  great returns that it offers, get some. .now
“Survival Resources” our own, John McCann, sells the Speedhook. The plug is here , it was not planned, as I wrote the article, it came to me that John sells this fine product. Plus they are one of Dirttimes sponsors.
Now get out and use this great tool.
Just a short practice session is all it takes. Get the pan hot, let's eat…
By Dude McLean

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  1. speed hook the ansewr for atr least 2 meals a day .. most of the time. dont forget the other critters it can harvest..