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Saturday, May 30, 2015



Need glue? sometimes we find ourselves without it, cant find it or we used it all. But we need it now, the project demands it. Most of us have the makings right at home most of the time. They are milk, vinegar, water and good old baking soda.
How is it done ? pretty simple really. Warm the milk, do not let boil, try 8 ounces of cows milk heat to 250 F, add a table spoon of vinegar, stir until this mess forms some lumps. Now strain this mix and squeeze out the liquid before pouring back into the pot. Now you can add 1/4 cup of water plus a table spoon of baking soda. When it stops bubbling it  is ready to be used as a glue.
You can also use powdered milk instead of whole milk.
This mix works well if you should choose to try it.
It bonds much better than you might think. Very strong bond.
You can also try Knox gelatine , boil some water and then add the gelatine , stir it as you add it. This makes a good bonding agent as well.
Smear it on while it is still warm and lumpy. This stuff makes a very strong glue.
Gelatine works because it is made of protein by partially dissolving animal  connective tissue, collagen, in water. You find it as a powder in the market. I recall my Dad making this mix for wood furniture where legs had become loose etc.
These glues work well.

Look for the book ” Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things” , by Cy Tymony

By Dude McLean

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